@Group US Government Services
The AT Group has been dedicated to the support of the US Government "Operation Iraqi Freedom" since 2003. Our operation includes support at International Zone (BEC), Victory Base, Anaconda, Liberty, Camp Freedom, Al-Asad, Taqadum (TQ), Q-WEST; and other US Military Facilities and Installations all throughout Iraq. 

Our Services
The AT Group and all its network companies has been continuously providing support to US government works in Iraq.  Our services come with it the reputation of performance built on excellence as seen in our clients'  confidence by awards of repeat businesses and valuable references.
Shipping & Logistics
Construction & Equipment Rental 

Mine Action 
Life Supprt
Transportation of Armored vehicles from Al Amara to Erbil Customs, clearance for various soft skin vehicles at Umm Qasar port, all services include vehicle registration and insurance process, among others. 
KBR 2010 
Open contract to provide various logistic support services all throughout Iraq.
Shipping and Logistics (Al-Taym Co.) 
Agility 2014 - 2016 
Currently, we are moving KBR materials to Al-Asad Air Base & Taqadum Air Base (TQ), we are familiar with access requirement for the US bases and the Iraqi Government requirement to obtain needed letters to facilitate the transportation of US ARMY materials.  WE obtain these letters  from Prime Minister's National Operations Center (PM NOC) and the Combined Joint Operations Command (CJOC).
Transportation of United Nations materials from/to International Zone, Camp Sather BIAP, Basra Office, and Erbil office
Fluor 2003-2010 
The scope of our services include travel services and coordination, ground transportation, customer service, logistics and procurement, personnel security, force protection and PPE compliance.  Work areas include setting up offices in Amman, Jordan, Victory Base Complex and Sather Air Base.
US Embassy (BEC) 2010
The Contract coverage included recruitment, vetting, processing, and hiring of Local Nationals and commenced with an initial projection of 200 mobilized staff.  Award was for four (4) renewal options, each equivalent to a one (1) year.
Manpower Services (AT RMS) 
AT RMS is currently providing over 100 personnel in different disciplines to support the US mission in Iraq through a contract with KBR. We specialize in providing either Local or TCN/OCN. Other clients include:
  • US Military JSS Projects in Baghdad (O&M Staff "OCN")
  • ECC Iraqi Military HQ in VBC (Construction Staff "OCN")
  • Parsons disposition of captured weapons and ammunition (truck drivers and Medical staff "OCN") 
  • AMECO (Mechanics "OCN") 
  • ManTech (Mechanics and Drivers "OCN")  
KBR 2014-now 
The contract is for the provision of local national subcontracted labor personnel in Erbil, Iraq ( Camps Danger and Bashur) in support of LOGCAP IV Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) with 3 year options.
JSS Baghdad 2007-08
Our company concluded over $1m various renovation contracts in the Joint Security Stations in GHAZ area of Baghdad under the JCCI/A VBC. 
AIM Group Camp 2005
Within 3 months, we built a full camp for the AIM Group to house over 1000 TCN workers involved with multiple clients at the Victory Base Complex  
ECC Iraqi Military HQ
Construction & Equipment Rental (IGGS) 
During the construction of the Iraqi Army HQ at VBC, our company provided ECCI with over 20 pcs of heavy equipment and 10 vehicles. 
Since 2003, @Group has contracted with either US military directly or with companies supporting the USG operation in Iraq to provide construction services.
CETAC 2004-2010 
While working with Fluor under the CETAC contract in VBC and IZ, our company supplied over $20m value in products, including Generator sets and various construction materials. 
KBR 2006-2008
As part of the LOGCAP III operation in Anaconda, we supplied KBR with essentially needed equipment required for the base in Balad. Items included portable diesel towers, gravel, concrete, sand, and other construction materials. 
Supplies & Procurement 
One of the solid reputation we have gained is  the provision of procurement services to US Military all around Iraq. We have accumulated over 14 years of experience in this field by knowing exactly the products required, quality needed; at the best available prices.

We have had the pleasure of working with the US Military for the JSS Operation in Baghdad in their supplies and procurement requirements.
SOC (BEC) 2011
While providing other services to SOC, requirements arise in supplying stationary materials needed for the US Embassy in Baghdad. Total value reached over $1m by the end of the contract. 
Fluor Camp 2004-2010
While Fluor worked under the CETAC II and III to provide O&M services for the whole VBC, our company managed the main camp with full life support services. Contract value reached $750K a year excluding supplies. 
AMECO 2008-10
Mid 2008, AMECO requested our company to provide them with housekeeping, laundry and catering services. Contract value was $200K a year. 
Life Support 
KBR Balad 2007
As part of our expertise in running the AIM Group camp between 2005 until 2010 with over 1000 occupants, AT Group worked on providing full life support including, catering, laundry, housekeeping, and O&M services. 
As part of our engagement with KBR in Balad Air Base, we provided catering services to the Iraqi staff that was involved in base construction work 
Fully Authorized in Iraq 
ABC Engineering has always done due diligence when it comes to compliance. The company is currently fully authorized by the Ministry of Environment to work in Iraq. 
Authorized by the UN 
As a testament to ABC Engineering long track record working with UN all over the globe, it received its accreditation from the UNOPS in 2008. 
Mine Clearance (ABC Engineering) 
Training of locals 
ABC Engineering has been providing their services since 1960 with over 50 years of experience. Throughout this time, the company cleared over 150 million sq.mt with zero accidents. 
List of projects we worked at: 

A fundamental part of ABC Engineering mission is to always train the locals at all levels wherever they offer their services. 

FAR Compliance 

We Deliver

Iraqi Government Compliant 

Our Cornerstone...

Local Sourcing

Our experience and reputation is solidly grounded on the cornerstone of our organization which comes with an inherent responsibility to fully carry out projects entrusted to us.  
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