Health & Safety

Health and Safety Policy

Our Health and Safety Policy is committed to striving towards zero harm and carrying out all our business activities in a sustainable manner by: 

  • providing a healthy & safe workplace for all staff, contractors and visitors at the company’s sites
  • engaging with our staff frequently to ensure that health and safety remains top of mind at all times
  • pursuing continuous improvement in all aspects of our business

To achieve health and safety performance consistent with this policy, the company ensures as a minimum that it meets all its obligations and is proactive in adopting the following principles.

This Policy is approved by the Senior Management with yearly review and no part of the Policy may be amended without the management’s approval.

We have been documenting all important measures that were carried out in response to confirmed cases with periodical reviews to improve our actions implemented so far. We believe that it is imperative to monitor the implementation of our action plan along with its efficacy to correct any gaps we may identify in our preventive measures.

Health and Safety Policy


  1. Ensure health and safety is the first agenda for The AT Group.  
  2. Include health & safety aspects in all our decision-making.
  3. Provide adequate resources, equipment and training for employees at all levels to fulfil their responsibilities in relation to health and safety work practices and activities.
  4. Implement systems, standards and processes, including a comprehensive risk register, to enable all activities to be carried out in a safe and healthy manner.
  5. Develop measurable health, safety & quality objectives.
  6. Ensure compliance with applicable legislation and regulations.


To incorporate health and safety protocols in everything we do, we will:
  1. Assess the health and safety impacts of all activities.
  2. Engage managers and supervisors to adopt, display and actively set examples of safe and healthy work practices.
  3. Report workplace hazards/ take proactive action to mitigate potential incidents to people, property and the environment.
  4. Report to the Board serious workplace hazards, reportable incidents, and corrective/preventative actions taken.
  5. Abide by all applicable OH&S laws, codes of practice and standards.
  6. Monitor health and safety performance in accordance with the company’s requirements.
  7. Implement a risk management approach for contractors so that potential risks to health and safety are identified, assessed and controlled allowing contractors to work safely at all times.
  8. Maintain emergency, fire protection and security systems and facilities to protect people, environment and property.
  9. Continuously improve the company’s health and safety outcomes.

Workplace health and safety will remain our first priority in everything we do, and we will ensure that all employees, managers, supervisors, contractors, and the Executives are actively engaged in this approach.



Our best practices addressing concerns related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our COVID-19 Readiness is a work in progress, which has tremendously improved especially after having studied the pandemic and its effects on our workforce. We have gathered significant first-hand information enabling us to put some comprehensive preventive measures in place to better prepare for the tackling of all issues pertaining to the pandemic and its aftermath. Thanks to our first-hand experience in handling all scenarios and related consequences of COVID-19 in Iraq since March 2020 we have effectively minimized the effects on our services.

  • We have the ability to maintain our staff attendance up to 99% of the time despite the Local Authority lockdown by obtaining an ‘Exception to Policy’ from local authorities to facilitate ease of movement of our staff and thus let them attend work.
  •  We hold multiple training workshops for our staff to adapt to the new HSE reality of COVID-19 era. This included daily temperature check, morning updates and fast removal of any staff that showed symptoms, felt sick, or had established close contact with an infected person.
  • We contracted an approved medical facility to provide PCR testing on an ‘as-needed basis with 24 hours turn-around results.
  • Working closely with the current LOGCAP prime contractor, we successfully completed the 14 off-base quarantine days of our local staff accommodated in Rodina hotel with 3 PCR testing, (see gallery below) one before the start of work, second while in quarantine, and third right before they got reintegrated into the US Base.
  •  We have demonstrated our capabilities to our prime contractor and its client, to cover and comply with all quarantine protocols as per Base Command. This secured our reputation and solidified a quarantine exercise to be standard procedure with our workforce in Iraq as preventive measures for COVID-19.
  •  In addition, we have incorporated a secure and desensitized process that allows us to move the staff from the off-base facility to the Base, with zero interactions between our staff and any outside personnel.

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