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Staffing and Recruitment

Successful Mobilization and deployment of over 2700 Local-Other Country Nationals and Expatriate Personnel. Two decades of experience. Exceptional International Network
Repeat Business and Growing trust.

Comprehensive Mobilization Services include
Travel coordinators Safety and security personnel Recruitment consultants
Staffing specialists

Admin and Travel Support

We have extended our experience and familiarity with the Iraqi visa and immigration regulations since 2004 to better service our Clients’ needs by adapting to a proper procedure to register companies with the Residency Department so that they can issue visas under their own company name. In addition, we provide Meet & Greet Services in Erbil and Baghdad and take newcomer and/or existing staff from the airport to their designated work location.

Obtaining Iraqi Visas together with AIMWORLDSERVICES

Procurement Services

Leveraging Global Network of Providers and Supply Agents. Identifying, Procuring, Delivering Equipment & Goods. Considering Custom Delays and Duties. Logistics Specialists are Knowledgeable and Experienced. Eliminating Risks Increasing Successful Deliveries. Well-established Supply Chain. Upon restriction of the availability of goods and equipment Vetted supply chain channel network is used.

Financial Services

We provide Payrolling Services for our expat Clients to simplify payroll administration procedures which can help them reduce HR-related overhead costs, eliminate HR administration time and lower the complexities of managing payrolls so that they can focus more on their core competencies while managing and motivating their teams with more efficiency.

Consulting Services

20 years experience delivering contingent workforce solutions. Specialized Recruitment Consultants & Leadership Teams. Understanding Clients’ recruitment needs. Accurate evaluation & delivery of the best LN, OCN & Expats across multiple disciplines and locations around the world. Our Solutions include:
  • Contract Recruitment
  • Direct Hire Placements
  • Payroll Solutions
  • Tax and Social Security

Base Life Support Services

Wide range of Life Support Activities:
  • Potable water and Generator fuel delivery.
  • Total turnkey sustainment solutions.
  • Short & Long-term Life Support solutions
  • Austere and Dangerous Locations
  • Construct and Furnish Camps
  • Dining & Catering Services (DFAC)
  • Recreation Facilities (MWR)
  • Laundry & Cleaning
  • O&M Services

O & M Services

Our O&M includes activities, processes, and workflows required to keep facilities and their supporting infrastructure, including utility systems, roads, drainage structures and grounds in a condition to be used to meet their intended function. Activities include planned preventive and corrective (repair) maintenance. Preventive Maintenance (PM) consists of a series of time-based maintenance requirements that provide a basis for planning, scheduling, and executing scheduled (planned versus corrective) maintenance. 

Construction Services

Building of Man-Camps in Kurdistan, Iraq and in Baghdad, Iraq in support of various operations together with AIM World Services.

Since 2004, IGGS trading as The AT Group, has contracted directly with either the military
or with prime companies supporting various operations in Iraq and Kurdistan to provide construction services.


We built an entire man-camp in less than 3 months for AIM World Services to house over 1000 TCN workers involved with multiple clients at Victory Base Complex in Baghdad, Iraq.

Waste Water Management

We joint ventured with Al Fajr Company to carry out Wastewater treatment projects in a process used to remove contaminants from wastewater and convert it into an effluent that can be returned to the water cycle. The treatment process takes place in a wastewater treatment plant. For domestic wastewater the treatment plant is called a sewage treatment plant. For industrial wastewater, treatment either takes place in a separate industrial wastewater treatment plant, or in a sewage treatment plant (usually after some form of pre-treatment). 

Base Operations

ATG provides comprehensive Base Operation Support (BOS) services to the US Government to include U.S. military installations throughout Iraq. We employ hundreds of skilled professionals for large-scale BOS contracts, primarily with the Department of Defense and the Coalition forces, recruits skilled and certified personnel from around the world to support each of our customers. Most of our contracts include a combination of Iraqi local national, third country national employees and US expatriates. Safety awareness is a large part of our corporate culture. 

Logistics Services

Destinations of the transportation of KBR materials within Iraq included and were supported by PMNOC and CJOC.
  • Al Asad Air Base
  • Taqadum Air Base (TQD)
KBR 2008 – 2010
Our company moved KBR materials to Al-Asad (AAAB) and Taqadum Air Bases (TQD) and we are very familiar with the access requirements for the US bases throughout Iraq. We have the know-how on how to obtain the necessary approvals based on Iraqi government requirements enabling us to facilitate the transportation of US Military materials. Our sources for these are the PMNOC and CJOC.

Leasing Services

We provide Leasing and Maintenance Services of Various Heavy Equipment and construction essential tools for a number of Contracts and Contractors in Kurdistan and Iraq. Excavators, JSBs, Cranes, Bobcats, Flatbeds, Dump trucks.